September 2009
Complete house remodel

This is the one and only
bathroom I remodeled

The right picture is the
old shower area
New shower
I made it larger
I did everything but the plumbing
Home owner did the plumbing to save
On Oct. 3rd  2008 I was in Berthoud.
First handyman who started the
shower was fired.
I came in and finished the shower kit,
put up the new shower door and did
some drywall repairs.
Longmont handyman
Longmont windows
Longmont kitchen remodel
Longmont pest control
Longmont drywall
Longmont texture
Longmont doors installation
Longmont plumbing
Longmont Ceiling insulation
Longmont insulation
Budget Home Center  Lowe's Lowes Home Depot
June 2011
New tile in shower
New shower door
New vanity, sink and faucet
New light fixture
Moved toilet paper holder
Painted bathroom

Labor $1700.00

Tile Job, three bathrooms
Removed carpet, added new tile with a boarder.
Third small bathroom not shown.
This is the fun part about being a handyman.

Budget Home Centers ( Vernetta ) had me stop by to see this customer.
The lady of the house was elderly and could no longer step over the tub to
take a shower, and did not have the funds for a tub remodel into a walk in
So... Desperate to be able to stay in her home.
I removed  the shower door
Cut the side of the tub out
Added concrete mortar
Hung a shower curtain

This is not my normal way I do work, but she needed help to stay in her home
of 30 years
Sept/ Oct. 2011
Converted a master bathroom into a wheel chair / handicap bathroom.

The floor is slopped to keep the water in the shower.
I forgot to get before pictures.
New vanity, counter top, toilet, grab bars, paint, lighting
New tile on walls and floor.

Removed shower wall and bath tub

Replaced with new tub and shower wall

Completed in 8 hours
November 2011
Added two new vessel sink, drilled holes in the Granite Counter
top, hooked up all the plumbing in the cabinets.
3 hours, labor was $180.00
This bathroom has two rooms to it.
Complete removal in both bathrooms.
New tub and shower enclosure
New vanity, counter tops , sinks and faucets
New light fixtures
new shower rod
Removed old wall tile, repaired drywall and painted
New heat registers
New towel bars and toilet paper holder
New baseboard

Labor $3000.00 ( 6 days )
Materials $2750.00

Dec. 2012
Shower Remodel
I forgot to get a before picture of the shower.
I do have the picture of the bare walls
The new shower is a made of Solid Panels and shower base is called
Swanstone from Budget Home Centers.
All the corners and wall trim is Swanstone.
This is a great system, easy to keep clean.
I also installed a seat by Swanstone
I Installed hand bars also.
Before the wall board went up, I added 2x4's
in the wall for strength to have a solid structure to
attach the seat and hand bar bolts.
Labor $900.00
Materials came to around $3500.00

The 2x4's in the picture is to hold the panels in place over night while the adhesive dries
July 2013

Complete bathroom

ceiling texture, paint,
vanity, lighting, mirrors,
towel bars
Linoleum flooring, toilet

Labor $2500.00
Aug. 2013
This customer has MS, so he needed the Tub removed and a shower base installed.
Not all tile was removed, but new tile had to be added, the new tile they located did not quite match
in color, so they had me put in a boarder tile so the new and old were not next to each other.
I then installed the shower door and new grab bar.
Labor $1200.00
Old shower
and Tub.
New shower has two shower heads,
one by the seat.

Notice the 32" French drain at the
entry to the shower.
January  / February  2014
First two pictures, old shower and sunk in the floor tub
Next picture, new raised tub ( jetted with built in heater ) and enlarged shower
water tries to leave the shower floor, then the main round floor drain.
I completed many other projects in this home in the time I was there
My labor came to $10,000.00
Then add in Electrician ,plumber, glass company and materials
Just under a $30,000.00 job.

Dates on the some the pictures are wrong
The below pictures are old, but still gives you an idea. All the new pictures are on
Face Book, Andrew and I have done so many master bathrooms, since he began
working with me, we have completed some very custom bathrooms, we build and
pour the shower bases, that is just the start of the remodel.  But I keep these pictures
here to show I have been doing bathrooms a long time, way before the internet was
around as we know today. I think the Dos Floopy Disc was being time