Longmont Remodeling
This house was built in 1970. It was a
complete make over.
Opened the wall to look into the front
room. Sink was where stove is, stove
was where sink is. Moved
dishwasher. New cabinets and floor
covering. Added solar tube sky lights
and 6" ceiling can lights.
I also put new Exterior windows in this
August 29,30 and 31st. 2007
Kitchen Remodel
New wall texture,paint,counter
top,sink,faucet,cabinets & cupboards.
Labor was $1225
Below pictures is my own kitchen.  It was 100%completed in 2005 / 2006

We removed the half wall which had the sink , dishwasher and cabinets.
Half wall gone
I do not have a before picture.
But the cabinet hung to low, and there
was a range hood.
I had to frame in the cavity, alter the
vent and put in a new oak panel,
stained and polyurethane.
The lady is short, and did not care
about loosing the upper cabinet.
The photo on the left is the old counter and sink.
I installed the new one piece counter top and faucets and drains.
I had to remove the mirror, light fixture ( not shown ) and medicine cabinet.

Labor came to $250.00, took about 4 hours.

Next four pictures
September 2009
6 week house remodel
New kitchen
Moved stove and refrigerator to new area.
Built new counter top area.
Ray The Handyman
Below shows the sink now in the corner
between the windows.
For now we put the table in the center
of the kitchen
Below shows the new island
New above

Old below.
Longmont painter
Longmont handyman
Longmont windows
Longmont kitchen remodel
Longmont bathroom remodel
Longmont pest control
Longmont drywall
Longmont texture
Longmont plumbing
Longmont Ceiling insulation
Longmont insulation
Lowe's Lowes Home Depot Budget Home Centers
I worked at a Veterinarian Hospital
I removed the old cabinets and sink.
Installed new cabinets and wash tub.

I had to move the water lines and drain.

This new sink / tub allows then to do
that fits over the sink that is not shown.
Dec. 2012

Summer Set Estates Niwot
This customer wanted a 2nd dishwasher added in the kitchen, you can not add a 2nd
dishwasher to the same drain as the 1st dishwasher due to draining issues, so we
decided to add one in the butlers pantry.

I altered the 36" cabinet so the 24" dishwasher could be installed.
The picture below shows two things,
one I cut the cabinet doors down to
mini doors, and notice on the cabinet
the mini side area I created. There is
an electricial box on the cabinet floor,
so I had to make the new mini door

Labor $600.00
I forgot to get a before picture
with the old doors and upper
drawers in place.
I altered the cabinet bottom so the new
dishwasher sat on top of the raised
floor so the top of the dishwasher was
right under the granite counter top.
I installed this new sink, I install many sinks, but this one from Lowe's was $177.00
One large open sink with a removable side sink and Rinsing sink.
Labor  $300.00, had to move the pee trap and new garbage disposal and install new faucett
November 2013
Superior Co.

Customer hired me to refinish there
This is a big process
This took me two days.

Expect labor charges to be around

They wanted a darker finish, many
colors are available
KItchen 2013

This was a complete kitchen remodel. Customer located all these cabinets on Craig's list,
We had to get creative and make them work in her kitchen.
Her new hood had no light or vent, I had to build it in and vent it threw the roof.
New window, flag stone on one wall came off, and  wall repair. I did all the painting, and many
..many other small projects
New stick down floor tile, customer hung wall paper, customer hired her own electrician and
My labor came to $4700.00
Everything removed.
Removed flag stone on the wall,
removed wall paper, filled holes in
plaster wall
Here again, these are old pictures of jobs I did years
Longmont remodeling