Complete new tile , reused shower
door & glass. New tub and shower
This home is owned by the manager of
the Super Wall mart in Longmont
September 5th,6th and 7th 2007
Tiled back splash in kitchen.
Above cupboards and over counter
in two area's.
Before tile, removed wall paper
Hard to see the grout lines, this
customer used 16" tile
Had to removed old Linolem
That was hard.. it was really
glued down
New tile
This is the entry into
the laundry room /
Notice the tile wall /
This bathroom had 3/4" oak flooring.
Removed flooring, added 3/8"
underlayment, sealed it before laying
underlayment and sealer not shown
There is a Pedestal sink to
the left not seen in the picture
Gas Fireplace I  put in 2005
and I tiled  the wall and
floor also
I did not run the gas line.
This part of the job came to $822.00
Customer had the tile and Grout.
Unknown what the gas company charged to
run the gas line, hook up the vent and set
up the fireplace.
Framed in around the fireplace, added
Durarock concrete board
On Monday Sept. 8th I started the process to
install a gas fireplace.
I will return Wednesday Sept. 10th to finish the
The gas company is coming in to hook up the
gas line and exhaust pipe vent.

I Returned Wednesday the Sept. 10th to finish
and lay the tile.
Removed old tile on left, replaced with a
ceramic / glass type on bottom picture.
$250.00 in labor.
Small kitchen remodel
Counter top, sink, tile back splash
Labor $950.00
Basement bathroom

Took out old shower, made the new
shower larger moving out one wall

Old shower on right

replaced but the
bath tub.
2010 Boulder, large home, left photo shows old tile, added new
concrete board bottom left photo.
Bottom right is new tile,
labor was $450.00
Tile on wall in a large home in Erie.
I did three bathrooms in the house
To many photo's to show.
I was there 2-1/2 days
This home is over worth over 1-million
Longmont handyman
Longmont windows
Longmont kitchen remodel
Longmont bathroom remodel
Longmont pest control
Longmont drywall
Longmont texture
Longmont doors installation
Longmont plumbing
Longmont Ceiling insulation
Longmont insulation
Several tasks completed in this home
Stair case small wall repair / texture
Several door hinge repairs
Laundry room shelves
New garbage disposal
Caulked around 6 windows
Light bulbs in ceiling lights ( 3 lights )
One light bar in bathroom , one socket did not work, it was a loose wire
Fire place received new tile.
Right picture is new tile
Labor $500.00
The next six  pictures are of a bathroom remodel in Longmont
Customer wanted a walk in shower with no shower pan.
So I built a custom pan with a special center channel  in the floor
tile to help the floor drain.
This is the old bathroom
coming out
Not shown yet is the shower glass.
Labor came to $3000.00
This is a one of a kind shower / bathroom
The shower floor has a small slope to drain.
Very hard to see in the photo's
Also, see the " box " on the wall, it will be for towels and have shelves in it.
July 2011
I did all three bathrooms in this house.
Do to space, I only put one on this
The boarder tile tuned out great.
March 2013

Master Bath floor tile
Sort of hard to see the difference on the small pictures.
Removed old tile, installed new 1/4" concrete sub floor.
New tile, new tile baseboard trimmed out with a " pencil " style trim on top.
It was my idea to add the " pencil " trim on top of the tile baseboard to give it a
better finished look.

Labor $600.00
Materials around $200.00
November 2013
Customer had a new gas fire place installed, then hired me to add the concrete
board and tile.
All of our new pictures and jobs are on Face Book..much
easier for me to keep updated..sorry if you do not use
Face Book.